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New kind of pet brings joy to Horizon patient

When a patient enters an assisted living facility, they may have to part with a beloved pet.

That was true for Sandy, who had to say goodbye to her cherished cat, Bella. Bringing her comfort and relieving anxiety were just a few of the reasons Sandy loved her.

Every time a member of Sandy’s Horizon care team visited her at her new home at Clifden Court, she spoke often of missing Bella.

Her Horizon Social Worker, Sandra, wanted to help. “The question became, how can we bring that comfort back to her? How do we give her that companionship and feeling of home in this new environment?”

The solution was a different kind of pet – a battery-operated but very life-like and adorable cat. Pets like these offer a realistic experience, as they simulate breathing, napping and purring just as any other feline. They also offer all the same important opportunities for grooming, petting, hugging and cuddling.

After doing research, Sandra found the right such cat for Sandy, while Horizon used its discretionary funds to purchase it for her.

Sandra (along with Chaplain Anthony, Patient Care Coordinator Nancy, Community Liaison Lisa and Sandy’s friend Jan) recently presented the cat to Sandy. It was a surprise, but she appeared to care for the new pet immediately.

“I wanted to put a smile back on her face,” said Sandra. “And I definitely saw that from her today.”

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