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Grief Resources

Grief is a life-changing, yet common human experience and we are dedicated to serving those whose lives have been touched by loss.

Horizon is an industry leader in the full care of the individual and family. 

We recognize that it is important to heal the physical body and equally important to care for the mind. Entire well-being and peace for individuals is our purpose.

All individuals will grieve during their lifetime.

We will grieve the loss of a loved one, a pet, a child leaving home, or possibly a failed relationship. While the pain never leaves completely, most individuals will achieve a new sense of normal in time. The grieving process can place a strain on our relationships and/or our physical well-being and this is when grief resources can assist you with the process of healing.

Grief Resources are a hopeful response to loss. 

We believe that the word “Resource” implies solution and hope that there is help available, that tomorrow can be better than today. We therefore describe our offerings as Grief Resources. 

We offer counseling, groups, a library, a newsletter, seminars and more. 

All of our services are provided free of cost. It is the dedicated businesses of this community that make this care available to those who seek it. 


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