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Hospice at Froedtert

Virtual: "Not according to strict definition."

Horizon has worked with Froedtert to establish a virtual hospice, wherever the patient is throughout the hospital, by creating the hospice experience anywhere. 

Hospice care is recognized as the optimal

end-of-life care by most health care professionals and the most patients. The hospice team offers a level of support and expertise that is finely honed to meet the needs of the patient and their family members in the last days of life. 

When patients are too fragile to be moved

Horizon provides a Virtual Hospice for patients at Froedtert Hospital, who could benefit from hospice team involvement. Virtual because we are not moving the patient to a Hospice facility or Unit, but creating the hospice virtually where the patient is anywhere in the hospital.

The Virtual Hospice has an experienced hospice nurse in the hospital around-the-clock

to assist with optimal symptom management and family support.  Additionally, the Palliative care physicians assume medical management of the hospice patient offering specialist expertise of the dying patient. 

Horizon volunteers transform the room into "an oasis of calm" by touching the senses.

Each room is enhanced with scent, music, light, art, and comfort touches. These small details provide patients and their families a respite from the hustle and bustle of a busy hospital contained within their room.

                     Before                                                 After

To learn more about Virtual Hospice or to find out if it is appropriate for you or a loved one, contact 414-365-8300 and ask to learn more.