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Supportive Home Care

Supportive Home Care

Questions about Home Care

At Horizon, we recognize that one of the most significant challenges for adults today is the issue of how to care for aging parents. Or maybe you are the aging adult. We have decades of experience in care for the elderly and are sharing our experience with you.

Each situation is unique, with different levels of time and financial freedom. With that said, what follows are suggestions that we hope will guide you:

First and foremost, be honest with yourself. Whether you are the aging adult or the child of an aging adult, be honest. Tell each other the truth. Share your concerns and wishes.

  • For the aging adult – are you bathing infrequently because it is difficult or you are afraid of falling? Have you stopped preparing nutritious meals? Do you get out less because of hearing or vision? Is it difficult to do the cleaning or laundry? Are you worried about spending money?
  • For the child – are you afraid of finding your parent on the floor? Have you noticed the house is not in order? Are clothes spotted and not laundered? Are you concerned about the cost of care?

Regardless of your prior relationship over many years be thoughtful and kind. Let the past be the past so that you can take this journey together.

Do share your thoughts with each other. If you have the opportunity, it is best to discuss one topic at a time. Most of us have difficulty with change, young or old, so gradually discuss needs.

If you are the child and your parent is alert and capable, avoid imposing your wishes. On the other hand, if you are the elderly adult and you are struggling, alert or not, be realistic and consider a little help if you need it.

The secret is a loving dialogue and a little planning.

What services, when?

Most of us age gradually, which is wonderful because it gives us time to adapt. Usually, the need for assistance starts in the form of larger tasks. Snow removal landscape maintenance, and major home projects are usually the first thing that we require assistance with. It is an easy beginning, as busy working adults often seek assistance for that type of work even though they could do it themselves.

After major projects or maintenance, comes assistance on a more regular basis for things like laundry, cleaning, transportation, or maybe cooking. This type of service is available from Horizon. Some individuals may have just transportation, since they gave up driving. Other individuals have someone come once or twice a week, to clean the house, change the sheets, and do the laundry. For those tasks Horizon sends a homemaker. Most individuals can be maintained in their home for a long time with a little bit of assistance to keep things fresh and in order. Additionally, you have someone who is visiting regularly that will notice changes or the need for intervention should a change occur.

At some point in life the elderly who remain in their home will require assistance with personal care, such as bathing and grooming. It is easy to tell when this type of care is needed. If you are not bathing because getting in the tub or shower is too risky, you need assistance. Bathing at the sink only goes so far. Horizon uses home health aides for this type of care. The aides are also trained for laundry, cleaning and transportation. Many patients have the aide service daily, but others may have a visit twice a week. For those unsafe to be left alone, around-the-clock care is available.

We are confident that we can work with you to create a solution. Please contact us at 414-365-8300 to discuss your individual situation and to design a plan that works for your situation.

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