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Yard Work


Spring is coming, and when I look at my yard all I see is work. Is it reasonable to ask my son and daughter to pitch in with yard work? They both work fulltime with homes and children of their own, though their children are in high school. I could really use the help for spring cleanup but do not want to be a bother.  I have never hired anyone to do this type of work for me before.



You state that either you should care for the yard or the children should help you. It is a legitimate concern to wonder if your request for help is reasonable. I suspect you believe that you will not be favorably received by the children. They have given you signals that they are busy, which is likely true. So how does one proceed?

I would start with a getting a quote from a landscaping company to find out what it would cost to have the work done professionally. Even if you do not use them this year, you may in future years, and now you will have an idea about the cost of such a project. You may find the cost is well worth hiring-out for.

Next, I would mention to the children that you have obtained a quote for the yard cleanup. They may offer at this point to do it for you, now understanding that you cannot do it yourself. Based on their financial situation, they may offer to help in exchange for the some or all of the money you would be willing to pay the landscapers. Some children will simply offer to do the work, no money asked. Only you know the likelihood of their responses.

A business is more likely to produce a higher quality result than a family member, so take that into consideration if you pay the children to do the work. Another thing to ponder is whether or not the yard is simply too much for you and that an alternate living situation may be the way to go.

I wish you the best.

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