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What To Do When Caregiving Makes You Irritable With Your Parent

Do you find yourself frustrated or annoyed by your dependent parent?  Maybe you feel like you have been a little short with them?  
An irritable caregiver is not getting the breaks that he/she needs to be contented.

When we care for another individual whose needs are often round-the-clock, we place our own needs on hold.  Our life is in upheaval.  Likely our own home or space is disorderly, we are seeing less of our significant other, we are caring for two households, and we have little time for recreation.

You want to be there for your parent, but you are tired and worn out.  This is the perfect formula for irritable behavior.

So what can you do about it?

Here are five steps you can take to be a long-term care giver who does not burn out or become ill, themselves. 

  1. Get a piece of paper and list your resources. (Yes, do this in writing.) Even if you are an only child, you do have choices.  List all of them.  Siblings, paid caregivers, delivered meals, cleaning services, etc.  List every idea you can think of.

  2. Get everyone together and set up a plan. No one person should be responsible for it all.

  3. Try to avoid taking on more than is reasonable.

  4. Be honest with yourself and your parent. If you have siblings include them.

  5. Set a solid plan and stick to it.

Remember this:  Care giving is not about doing it all.  It is about accomplishing what needs to be done.


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