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"The Joys of Caregiving"


"You write a lot about the problems of caregiving. It sounds like people experience nothing but headaches and stress. I'm afraid that someday I might have to be the caregiver for my parents or, God forbid, my husband. Is there anything enjoyable about it?"


I would say the odds are very high that at some point in your life you will be a caregiver or share caregiving duties with a sibling. It is simply the order of things.

The real question you should be asking is,

"How do I approach caregiving with the right attitude?

Being a caregiver is similar to having children. Both of these roles require time and effort, and they are constantly filled with dirty jobs and complex situations. Ultimately, however, they incredibly rewarding pursuits. Life is always going to throw challenges our way, but it also provides us unforgettable and tender moments.

many caregivers have expressed positive sentiments about their experiences

  • Caregivers grew closer to their siblings as they shared responsibilities or tasks.

  • They had opportunities to hear about a parent’s childhood.

  • They were thankful to give back to the person who gave them so much.

  • They learned things about their loved one that surprised them.

  • They laughed.

  • They cried.

  • They were glad they did not turn away from the opportunity.

I happen to work with people who choose caregiving as an occupation.  I think about them every day and the hard, but rewarding, work they do. What keeps them going are the moments of gratitude patients have for a receiving a bath, a meal, or assistance learning to walk again after a surgery. Caregivers work through the pain, the angry moments and the sadness. They also deeply enjoy the laughter, the hugs and the satisfaction of helping others. You will also when the time comes.


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