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Horizon Media & Marketing Internship Program

If interested please email Casimir, our Communications Manager.

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Horizon is looking for college students seeking work experience in digital marketing for its Media Marketing Internship program.


CLICK HERE for job description


Learn proven digital marketing practices that are used every day in the professional world.
Improve your resume while gaining experience working in healthcare marketing.
Work for an organization that is frequently listed as one of Milwaukee’s top employers.


This internship is a flexible, part-time program that allows you to choose your schedule to work around your academic responsibilities. Candidates will experience the best of both worlds with a balanced work style, focusing on completing individual assignments as a part of a bigger, coordinated group effort. You will work closely with your team leader to not only produce a quality product, but to also ensure your work experience with Horizon is as beneficial as possible.


Types of work you will encounter and learn more about:

  • - Social media campaign management and strategy
  • - Media editing and production
  • - Blog and website management
  • - Search engine optimization
  • - Social media ad buying
  • - Campaign assessments


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