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Healthy Working

This is an impromptu blog post. It was not an assignment. I am writing this out of the fact that I enjoy this particular aspect of my job.


Even before I was hired at Horizon, I learned we had a complimentary membership to a gym that we could access 24/7.  Being that I was fresh out of college, I was excited to avoid the costs of a real gym membership that had always been a non-negotiable cost included in my tuition. 


For the first few months, I started off working out on my lunch break, solo. It turned out to be an amazing way to breakup the day, and I still do it to this day. After a while, fellow employees inquired about my workouts, asking me what I included in my routine and sharing with me what they enjoyed doing. Around the same time, I convinced one employee - whom I befriended months prior - to workout with me, and we did! We were consistent, too, and we still go to this day. 

And then at the end of a web meeting with Horizon's CEO, Mary Haynor, the subject came up again. She told me she heard that other workers and I were using the gym. She shared how happy she was to hear people were using the gym, and she also talked about how she loves doing P90x. Before you know it, we concluded that we needed to get a group of people together to workout regularly. And before long

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