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GRC Mission Video


Visit our GRC page for more information about Grief and its Grief Resource Center:

In this video:

A look at how many define "Grief," what it looks like, how we underestimate it, and how Horizon's Grief Resource Center helps and empowers those struggling with it. 

What is Grief?

  • "A sense of emptiness and falling, but you don't know where."
  • "Extreme sadness, loneliness, and a very big feeling of loss of control."
  • "You feel completely and totally adrift, and there is no life preserver there to hang on to, all you can do is tread water."
  • "You still have the memories but you can't hold on to anything. and it sometimes seems like everything is fleeting away so you're reaching and your'e grabbing but there's nothing you can hold on to."

Testimonials about Horizon:

"This place is so important to people because they don't have anyone else to lean on... or they might not know how to express themselves."

"I'm a very strong woman. I run three businesses. I thought I had this under control. 'I can do this.' And then I came here for a counseling session, and it was amazing. it was amazing that i was able to get out the things i was trying to hold back."