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Gift Ideas for Dad


I need some gift ideas for my 90-year-old father.   I am lost when it comes to his birthday or Christmas each year.  Any ideas?


This is a universal problem that many will identify with.  As we get older, we don't want our things changed, replaced or updated. We do not see the need for every newfangled item that enters the market.  The older we get, the less reason we see to replace perfectly good items that are still useful to us.

With all of that said, there are ways to celebrate a birthday for an elderly person that satisfy them as well as your desire to recognize the occasion. 

To start, I suggest trying to think like your father.  When in stores or online, we gravitate toward the items that we like.  Have you ever noticed while shopping for others that you find yourself looking at items you would like to own, instead?  We often miss the mark when gifting for someone else because we do not try to think like the recipient.  Most married individuals can empathize with what I am saying here.

Let’s contemplate what a 90-year-old father might like.  It is helpful to consider how he spends his time.

  • We all eat.  Walk down the aisles of your grocery store, and fill a basket with his favorite foods.  If he likes cheese, get fancy cheeses.  If he loves chocolate, collect a bunch of new chocolates for him to try.  This is a simple, quick and easy solution to gift-giving that is almost always used.
  • Seek out high-end shaving tools: good shaving soaps, a fancy brush, a great razor, or a new electric one (depending on what he has and uses).
  • Everyone loves great slippers.  Many elderly have poor sensation in their feet, so good rubber-soled slippers are important.
  • He may appreciate a long-handled shoe horn to make putting his shoes on easier.
  • Some parents would appreciate your time to do something as simple as cleaning a closet. They can reminisce about the items it holds.
  • Replacing a favorite shirt, sock, or sweatshirt with the exact same brand and style can be a big hit, too.

I hope that these ideas will improve your gift-giving for someone that seemingly needs nothing new.  Remember that the gifts he will want most will require you to think a little bit like your father.  It may take a bit more effort, but the reward will be a truly appreciative recipient.