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Employee Spotlights - Nurses In Home Care

Bethany appreciates all of the different patients she cares for as a Horizon RN Case Manager in Home Care. Whether she’s working with an elderly patient or a baby born prematurely, she loves being able to keep them comfortable in their own home. She often goes above and beyond to make that happen. “I always ask someone, ‘What’s one thing we could do, related or unrelated to your care, that would put you more at ease?’”⠀


Meet Keisha, a Home Care Clinical Supervisor at Horizon. Keisha loves that her job doesn’t confine her to one location. “Home care allows us the opportunity to work in so many diverse areas. We are not pigeonholed into just the hospital—the sky’s the limit in this profession.”⠀

While she’s out in the field, she makes a personal connection with every patient she sees, and leaves a lasting impression. “No matter how long it’s been, my patients remember me. They may or may not remember my name, but they remember my smile, touch…the fact that I cared for them. It’s a legacy that will live on long beyond my time with them.”


For Milwaukee RN Case Manager Margaret, working at Horizon Home Care & Hospice is a family affair. Her mom is a retired Horizon nurse, and her daughter is a current Horizon nurse. All three of them truly appreciate the undivided attention they can provide patients in a one-on-one home setting. “You’re reaching someone who might not seek care otherwise. And, without any distractions, we can work on a plan of care together.”


This is Emily, who has been a Registered Nurse Case Manager on Horizon’s Milwaukee team for almost four years. She recognizes how vulnerable some patients might feel, allowing a stranger into their home to care for them. That’s why putting them at ease and establishing a strong connection is so rewarding. “To get to a point where a discharged patient invites you to stop by whenever you’re in the neighborhood, just to visit—it feels really good. It means you’ve succeeded in your goal to keep that patient feeling comfortable and succeeding at home.”


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