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Choosing an Organization That Cares

Let us walk though how to collect information about care providers, together.

1. Determine who are the organizations that offer care in your region.

  •  Many markets will have senior resource guides that include a listing of all providers of care.

  •  Hospital case managers are a wonderful resource for knowing how to get a listing.

  •  An Internet search may reveal some providers or you may be able to find a complete listing this way. 

  • National or state associations will have listings of all their provider members - nursing homes, assisted living, home health all have associations.

2. If you are looking for a facility narrow the field by desired location.  For home health, the county or region will suffice as the staff travel.  Pick a few organizations that you would like to check out.
3.  Collect information.  Talk to friends, family doctor, neighbors, and health care workers.  Nose around on the Internet a bit to see what you can learn.  Almost every organization has a web site.  Take an evening and visit those web sites.  Collect the following information. 

  • Are they licensed?
  • Are they accredited?
  • Who owns the organization?
  • Who leads the organization? (my personal favorite)
  • What is the size of the organization?
  • Where are they located?
  • How broad are the services they provide?
  • Will they bill Medicare or your insurance when warranted?

4.  Once you are armed with information it is time to go for a test ride.  Call each organization, sit in their lobby for a bit, take a tour, talk to people.  Learn everything you can about the organizations you are considering.  There is no substitute for this work.
Now that you are armed with a template just make sure not to skip steps.  If your timeline is short, you can always have in-home care for a week or two while you sort things out.