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Audio Files

Lake Effect Petals for Patients Interview 060311

20110217: Lake Effect Art in the Hospice

Video Files

Before I Die Wall on WTMJ

Final Hours Volunteer Program on Channel 58′s “Making Milwaukee Great” Segment

Horizon Home Care & Hospice Life Lights 09/07/12

20091012 Meals on Wheels

20080612 GRC Morning Blend

Horizon Home Care & Hospice Sausage Race, 04/04/07

Horizon unveiled a new fleet of vehicles that you’ll see hitting the streets today!

Horizon Home Care & Hospice Grief Resource Center

The Grief Resource Center is open six days a week and free of charge for anyone who would like to utilize it. Call us at (414) 586-8383.

Tips for handling Grief during the Holidays, Live at Daybreak, 12/23/06

Horizon Home Care & Hospice Grief Counselor Patrick Dean discusses how to manage grief during the holidays

Dealing with Holiday Grief, Fox 6 News, 12/18/06

Horizon Home Care & Hospice’s Grief Resource Center counselor, Kayla Waldschmidt discusses strategies for dealing with grief during the holidays

Clear Channel Outdoor for Life Lights

Rebecca Magestro from Clear Channel Outdoor talks about why she supports Horizon and why Life Lights is important to her.

Action Graphics Supports Life Lights

Raph Horvath, owner of Action Graphics talks about why his company supports Horizon Home Care & Hospice’s Life Lights event.

Kayla Waldschmidt on Eye to Eye

Horizon’s Grief Counselor, Kayla Waldschmidt, discusses the recent sudden loss of three teens in our community and the impact the Grief Resource Center can have.

Fox 6 Campbellsport Teen Loss Segment with Kayla Waldschmidt

Horizon’s Grief Counselor Kayla Waldschmidt speaks with Fox 6 News about the tragedy which cost three teen girls their lives last weekend in Campbellsport.

Cheryl Lingle – 10,000 Hours of Volunteering

Hospice volunteer Cheryl Lingle has served the Milwaukee community for 20 years, and on December 6, 2011 she hit a landmark – 10,000 volunteer hours served! Here, Katy Corey, Horizon Hospice Development Coordinator interviews Cheryl about her accomplishment.

November 14 Fox 6 Real Milwaukee

Kayla Waldschmidt, Bereavement Coordinator and Grief Counselor featured on Fox 6 Real Milwaukee.

WTMJ 4 Interview with Kelly Andrew about Meals on Wheels

Vince Vitrano from WTMJ 4 interviews Horizon’s Director of Development, Kelly Andrew about the increased need for Meal

Life Lights

You are invited to share in Horizon’s annual Celebration of Life at the Milwaukee County Zoo. It will be held on Friday, September 9, 2011. Tickets and more information are available at

What is Life Lights?

Mike Hogan and Irene McGoldrick, along with their boys Henry and Arthur talk about why Horizon’s annual Life Lights Celebration is important to them and their family, and why you and yours should attend!

Fox 6 Wake Up – Petals for Patients Interview

Kelly Andrew of Horizon Home Care & Hospice and Wendy Hopfensberger, owner of Petals for Patients discuss their blooming partnership to benefit Hospice patients.

Horizon Grief Resource Center Volunteer Recruitment

Grief Resource Center staff (Kayla Waldschmidt and Katy Corey) and Volunteers (Kae Buelow and Affie Okokon) talk about why Volunteers are an integral part of the Grief Resource Center’s success.

Matters of the Heart Gala February 19, 2011

Horizon’s annual Matters of the Heart gala was held Saturday, February 19, 2011 at The Pfister Hotel. Over $90,000 was raised to support Horizon’s Grief Resource Center.

CBS Eye to Eye 1

CBS Eye to Eye 2

Horizon Home Care & Hospice, Inc. In-patient Unit