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Lawlis Family Hospice

Horizon's Lawlis Family Hospice is an inpatient hospice facility located within Columbia St. Mary’s, Ozaukee. 

This beautiful Unit was made possible by the Lawlis Family in memory of their parents Kirby and Mary Lawlis. It was designed and created with the comfort of the individuals and their families in mind.  It is one of the most luxurious and pleasant hospice facilities in the state of Wisconsin. We’re open 24/7 for visitors, and we encourage overnight guests. We allow pets to visit and have many amenities to help make you feel at home. We allow family to be just that: a husband or wife, a partner, daughter or son, niece or nephew.

Brochure(Click here to look at our Lawlis Family Hospice Brochure)

Virtual Tour: Use Google Chrome on your computer or the YouTube app on your phone or tablet to view the 360 degree virtual tour of Lawlis Family Hospice.


Our level of care allows family to focus on their loved one, not the logistics of care giving because we provide all necessary care. When receiving  hospice care, pain is controlled and symptoms of disease are managed for those who have a life-limiting condition and who are no longer seeking curative treatment, or for whom curative treatment is no longer an option. Learn more about the types of services and care we provide.

If you have any questions about hospice, would like to speak with a Horizon representative, or would like to arrange a visit of a facility, please call us at 414-365-8300. 

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