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February 27, 2021


The comfort of your own home!



There’s no place like home…and we have all experienced a great deal of “home” these past few months. Horizon is an organization structured around the idea of home. What does home mean to you?  We ask each and every person in our organization to try to find out how they can serve you best, and bring that feeling to you. To keep you safe, we have chosen to host an in-home, virtual event on February 27, 2021. This event will feature some fun with Broadway actor Andrew Varela, auction items and more!

During the pandemic, we need your help and support more than ever! Isolation can be especially difficult for people who are dealing with grief. Much like in the Wizard of Oz, you already have what it takes to succeed within you and you should treasure the friends you find along the way. Please join us as we raise money to support the Grief Resource Center so that our counselors can continue to provide counseling and other supportive services throughout the year.


Each year, Horizon hosts the Matters of the Heart Gala in order to fund the Grief Resource Center. This gala is vital to its continuation. Not only do proceeds keep our GRC open, but they also provide more workshops and support groups to grievers. Horizon's Matters of Heart Gala is about bringing awareness to how powerful and destructive grief can be on our bodies and minds. It's a night to recognize the achievements made since the passing of a loved one, to honor those who have passed and educate those who underestimate grief. Most importantly, it's about keeping our Grief Resource Center open and free to those in our community suffering. 

Though we are going through unprecedented times during the pandemic, the GRC's mission is more important than ever. Our gala will be virtual because with Horizon, you're home!



There are still a few items available for purchase: